Educators & Students Complete Year-long Project

Final yarn added to Sam Berns Memorial Weaving

Foxborough High School teacher weaves final yarn on the loom, where tags identify 200+ participants

Last June, Cheyenne McCarter & Catherine Tutter returned to Foxborough High School where students, educators and staff wove their final yarns and removed the completed weaving from the loom. Over 200 individuals participated in the project, resulting in our largest community fabric.

Stay tuned for our future update on a published book designed by graphic arts students that documents the year-long process, along with images of original artwork and writing created by participants in response to Sam Bern’s Philosphy for a Happy Life.

Foxborough High School weaving with school colors

Sam Berns Memorial Weaving measuring 30 x 48″ (detail view). Gold and blue warp threads represent the high school’s colors.