Explore Community Fabric

What is Community?

Woven fabric is present in all of our lives and endures as a symbol of interconnectedness. This interactive page demonstrates the meaningful transformation that takes place when words and images on paper are transformed into yarn and integrated side-by-side through the process of weaving.

Individuals of all ages and backgrounds had a chance to express what “community” meant to them at an interactive activity we led at a local arts festival. They wrote and drew their responses on small paper squares and learned how to spin them into strips of yarn. We collected the yarns and made them available at a later event where participants chose yarns to weave on a loom. The full length of the resulting weaving below is digitally mapped for you to explore original content woven into specific segments of the fabric.

Scroll down the page and roll your cursor or tap your touchscreen on the textile surface to expose the target icons. Move your cursor towards each icon or tap to view pop-up images and/or text that have been integrated in this community weaving.

(Weaving photo: Laura Reese)