Youth participant at our Cambridge River Festival interactive station shares her interpretation of what community means to her.

Spin a Yarn, Weave a Life offers a unique process at the intersection of art and health care that integrates the therapeutic effects of storytelling, the power of creativity, and the human need for community.

Telling and hearing stories is widely proven to promote a sense of well being. It connects us with our past, our ancestry, and future generations. Across cultures, storytelling is fundamental to knowing ourselves and others. In addition to individual exploration, families and groups increase mutual understanding through sharing stories.

Spin a Yarn, Weave a Life recognizes that people often need more than words to fully express or experience their connection to the multidimensional nature of their stories. By fusing storytelling with tactile encounters, one’s senses are awakened and problem solving abilities are strengthened. Our mission is to present an integrated approach, creating spaces where experiences of transformation are made possible.

Woven fabric is present in all of our lives and endures as a symbol of interconnectedness. Spin a Yarn, Weave a Life creators embrace the potential for all people to experience the positive impact of this innovative process.