Vets Speak at Bridgewater State University

Spin a Yarn, Weave a Life collaborates with Vets Speak, a campus-wide project aimed to encourage local veterans and military service personnel at Bridgewater State University and its surrounding communities in Massachusetts to claim their personal life experiences and articulate their stories. Our workshops were timed to follow a session led by Warrior Writers to engage participants in sequential sessions for writing, drawing, spinning and weaving. Vets Speak culminated in a theatrical production on BSU’s campus in Fall 2014. The completed weaving was on exhibit at two public venues and now permanently archived at BSU’s Maxwell Library.

April 2014 workshop with veterans and civilians  (click image to view slide show)

Weaving detail (1 of 2), Individual yarns identified with name tags, photo: Margaret Bellafiore
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March 2014 Workshop with veterans and civilians  (click image to view slide show)

Veterans and civilians gathered at BSU to write their reflections and stories
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